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Excessive levels of gear information …

October 13, 2009


I’ve played Les Paul’s of various descriptions – copies and genuine Gibson/Epiphones – for years. That was always the guitar I aspired to when I was a kid and when I first starting learning I knew I wanted to be playing a Gibson once I could afford one! At the moment my LP is a Gibson Les Paul Studio in Worn Brown, which is a great stripped-down, ball-outs, rock’n’roll version. At some point I’m planning on fitting a Bigsby Tremolo but for the time being it’s stock.


More recently, I developed a Telecaster fixation. However, I couldn’t find one that had all the right features so I ended up taking the slightly long-winded route of building my own. The body was from Kavanagh Customs and the vintage 7.25″ radius neck a Fender licensed replacement part from AllParts. Pickups are both Seymour Duncan items – a vintage P90 at the neck position and a Little ’59 at the bridge. Amazingly – despite my questionable drilling, chiselling and soldering skills – it plays and sounds great.


Before joining The 404, I went through a big ‘amp faff’ which involved various Marshall amps, a VOX AC30 and a low-watt Laney valve amp that I loved but just didn’t have enough clean headroom to be playing gigs with. I wound up going for a Cornford Hurricane – a 20W, all valve, hand-wired-in-the-UK beauty. The theory was, that with valve tone this good there’d be no need for anything else.

Yeh … so that didn’t really work. I’ve been getting far too carried away with T-Rex pedals of late. It started when I needed a pedal to take to rehearsals as lugging my amp on the tube wasn’t an option and I wanted a consistent sound, regardless of which amp I was renting. The T-Rex Moller overdrive/boost pedal gives an awesome sound – probably the first distortion tone from a pedal that I’ve really liked – plus the added benefit of a seperate switchable clean boost for bringing solos out.


Via the joy of eBay, I’ve also ended up with a bunch more pedals from T-Rex – a Replica delay, Viper roto-vibe/vibrato and Tremster tremolo – a TC Electronic Classic XII Phaser and the ridiculous Wonder Wah from Snarling Dogs. Clearly the appropriate thing to do at this point was to hone my woodworking skills and put together a custom-made pedal board.

NB: There’s space for one more – any suggestions?!

So there we go. Now I really do have no excuse for sounding like ass!

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