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The Band

Welcome to The 404 website. We are a blues/rock band based in and around London, UK. We formed early in 2009 after a number of impromptu gigs for friends and relatives as we all realised how much we missed being in a band. Long term aim? World domination? Maybe not, but The Dog and Duck might be a good start …

Current 404 Members:

George : [ bass ]
“Practicing in my garage – that’s pretty much what I do most nights once my children are settled down for the night. Unless I am out socialising and shamelessly promoting The 404;)”

Matt Gibson : [ drums ]
We’ll have an update from Matt shortly.

Ian Hudson : [ guitar / vocals ]
We’ll have an update from Ian shortly.

Stephan Johnson : [ lead vocals ]
“I was raised by wolves and my first noises were howls at the full moon. I was adopted by a bunch of travelling circus folk and my father used to get drunk and make wild assertions . He once claimed he invented the circumflex”

Previous members:

Neil Sewell : [ guitar / vocals ]

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