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Buffalo Bar Update

September 23, 2011


Thanks to everyone who turned up and made the gig on Wednesday night a great event.  Our friends a Symptomatic want to do more events together so stay tuned. Also if you have any photos or video send it to us and we will put them on the site.

Live at the Buffalo bar

September 21, 2011
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Well the day has come we have done the practice and it is time to unleash our new stuff on the people of London.  Well hopefully some of them anyway.  We will be onstage at 8:15 so if you are joining tonight get there earlier and have a few drinks with us.  The venue is right outside Highbury tube station.  We will be uploading updates of the build up and event as we go.  We will attempt some photos and video as well.

Stop Press: London Gig 21st September

September 7, 2011

Wednesday the 21st of September onstage 20:00 at The Buffalo Bar, Highbury, onstage 20:00, Buffalo Bar,259, Upper Street, Highbury, London N1. Kindly presented by Symptomatic

Come and party with us and listen to our new material

Gone Android

February 10, 2011

Wow I have just upgraded to an android phone and it is brilliant.
Look out for more regular updates now. Band practice tonight so maybe a comment on that.

Happy New Year

January 3, 2011

Happy New Year to all our friends. We are trying to play one pub gig a month this year so keep watching the website for details. It would be good to see all our friends at these events. We will also be doing some charity events this year and will post the details when they are confirmed.

The band have been busy over the last month arranging new songs which we hope to record and play live soon. Our intention is to play at some dedicated music venues in London and Brighton to try them out. We will keep you posted.

The Golf Club Gig….damn I hate echos!!!!!

November 25, 2010

We had a very enjoyable gig for a private party in the impressive function room at the Cuckfield Golf Centre last month. Highly recommend it if you fancy a quick 9/18 holes in the area.

It was great to have an audience who where really up for a night of partying and the dance floor was bouncing from start to finish. Being the drummer sitting at the back has it’s advantages as I can survey the crowd and keep an eye on some of the more interesting spectacles.

At the same time it has it’s disadvantages, mainly due to the amps being in-front of me, which means when I hear the rest of the band the tunes have traveled from the amps to the far wall and back again……giving the impression we’re completely out of time!! A lesson to learn for the future for me, get to the venue late and set up my kit in-front of all the amps.

Thanks to George and Karen for allowing us to trash their house at the after show party, which carried on for quite a while!! Hope the cleanup operation the following day wasn’t to painful..:)

Drummer is safely back on the ground.

September 11, 2010

First off many thanks to those of you who have already offered sponsorship for my skydive on behalf of the Julian Campbell Foundation.

I was due to jump on 31st July in Suffolk however due to poor weather and our gig at the Tanners Arms in the evening, I had to leave the drop zone before the skies cleared, thankfully the other jumpers where able to stay later and managed to do their jumps late in the afternoon.

Since then I’ve been eagerly checking the weather reports and with clear and sunny skies on Wednesday 11th August I took the following day off work and headed up to the North London Parachute Centre, ., on Thursday 12th. On the drive up the weather looked ominous with heavy rain for much of the drive, however I’m glad to say after a short wait at the drop-zone the sky’s cleared and shortly before midday we where on our way to 13,000ft.

The journey down was considerably quicker than the plane ride up and much more exhilarating, falling through some light cloud at about 5000ft. The relief at seeing a fully deployed parachute above my head resulted in some very dodgy flying by me and I managed to fall just short of the designated landing area, however all was well.

There is another round of tandem jumps on behalf of JCF scheduled in September so if the thought of falling from the skies appeals, or scares, and you would like to take part details can be found at .

The JCF charity bank account is currently being set up and should be completed next week so I shall forward details when I get them. Alternatively mail me a and we can agree how you can contribute.

Many thanks once again for your kind and generous sponsorship and I hope to catch up with you all sooner rather than later.

Here’s a link to me skydiving over chatteris, I’m the last one on the clip with the outrageously bright neon jumpsuit!!

Up coming gigs………

July 26, 2010

Hi all,

The 404 will be playing at The Tanners in Horsham, this Saturday evening. Would be great to see as many of you down there as possible, so if you’ve no plans for Saturday come on down!!

We have a few other gig’s lined up, on 12th Sept we will be playing at the White Harte in Cuckfield, and on 16th October at the Standup in Lindfield. Check out for details of upcoming gigs.

Hope to see you all on Saturday…..

Back to Canary Wharf – Bar 38 on 25th June

June 18, 2010

First of all a big thankyou to Neil, our x-guitarist, for all his hard work, groove-packs, bleeding fingers and organisation over the past year; and good luck in the land of the blue rinse and pension book.

Our next gig will be on Friday 25th June at Bar 38 in Canary Wharf,, beware the tube strike!! This will be Simon’s (The Baron) debut gig with the 404, picking up ably where Neil left off.  An earlyish start to this gig, 7-7.30ish, so come on and get the weekend started early with the 404.

First The High …

June 1, 2010

… and then the low! After a fantastic gig at the weekend where The 404 well and truly rocked The Wheatsheaf in Cuckfield, it’s with a heavy heart that I have now departed the band. Sadly, having relocated to the south coast, the 3 hour drive back for rehearsals and the like just isn’t going to be possible on a regular basis and so I’m handing over full guitar duties to Ian.

The guys have a great set-list and a great set of demos under their belt now so I’m sure will go from strength to strength. And I will be watching to keep up-to-date on all their successes.

So – thanks for everything guys and all the best for the future. I guess someone else is gonna have to turn up to each gig with a random piece of new kit now 😉