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The 404’s North London Double

January 29, 2012

With Highbury and Islington still reverberating from September’s Buffalo Bar gig, The 404 were back in the same neighbourhood last Friday (20th Jan), this time performing on the Holloway Road. The Nambucca pub is a lively venue with a music hall dominated by giant air conditioning vents hanging from the low ceiling and waves of dry ice fog blurring everything in sight. No problems with the sound though, and the boys gave us a rocking evening of their home grown numbers. Opening with the increasingly popular ‘The Hitman’ and then ‘Leave Me Alone’, they soon had Nambucca’s regular’s and ‘rival’ fans of the earlier performing thrash metal band streaming in from the bar to get a piece of The 404. (OK, there weren’t that many regulars or thrash metal fans in the bar in the first place but some of them definitely came in). Following up with other favourites like ‘Song for Life’ and ‘Step Outside’ it was great to hear how the band and the numbers they’re playing are evolving with each performance. The enthusiasm was everywhere to be seen and no where livelier than on stage. As the set drew to a close The 404 were literally bouncing up and down (and nearly in bounce synch) with ‘Seven Minutes’ and ‘Dance Floor’. With the audience cheering louder and louder with each number it was over all too soon. So where to next? South, East and West London are surely waiting.

photo and article thanks to Kev

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