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Drummer is safely back on the ground.

September 11, 2010

First off many thanks to those of you who have already offered sponsorship for my skydive on behalf of the Julian Campbell Foundation.

I was due to jump on 31st July in Suffolk however due to poor weather and our gig at the Tanners Arms in the evening, I had to leave the drop zone before the skies cleared, thankfully the other jumpers where able to stay later and managed to do their jumps late in the afternoon.

Since then I’ve been eagerly checking the weather reports and with clear and sunny skies on Wednesday 11th August I took the following day off work and headed up to the North London Parachute Centre, ., on Thursday 12th. On the drive up the weather looked ominous with heavy rain for much of the drive, however I’m glad to say after a short wait at the drop-zone the sky’s cleared and shortly before midday we where on our way to 13,000ft.

The journey down was considerably quicker than the plane ride up and much more exhilarating, falling through some light cloud at about 5000ft. The relief at seeing a fully deployed parachute above my head resulted in some very dodgy flying by me and I managed to fall just short of the designated landing area, however all was well.

There is another round of tandem jumps on behalf of JCF scheduled in September so if the thought of falling from the skies appeals, or scares, and you would like to take part details can be found at .

The JCF charity bank account is currently being set up and should be completed next week so I shall forward details when I get them. Alternatively mail me a and we can agree how you can contribute.

Many thanks once again for your kind and generous sponsorship and I hope to catch up with you all sooner rather than later.

Here’s a link to me skydiving over chatteris, I’m the last one on the clip with the outrageously bright neon jumpsuit!!

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