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The calm before the storm

December 11, 2009

Well, there’s barely 24 hours to go before the big night! Yesterday evening was our final rehearsal and the last chance to run through the setlist before we unleash it on the unsuspecting punters at The Talbot Inn on Saturday. For this auspicious occasion, we’d ended up at a rehearsal studio that we’d not used before – The Premises. We were in good company – both Little Boots and The Kooks had studios booked at the same time as us. Whilst Ms Boot’s musical style might not be entirely in keeping with our own, we were pretty pleased to hear that The Kooks were chilling outside our room and, apparently, gave us a general thumbs up. At least this time we didn’t have Steph gushing all over them as per Mr Ocean 😉

So, that’s that, then! No more practising, no more endless questions around exactly what arrangement of My Sharona we’re going with and no more last minute additions to the setlist – for which I would have to confess to being the main culprit. Just us, Saturday night and time to go out there and give it all we’ve got. Hope to see you there!

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