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Rock’n’Roll Holiday

September 18, 2009

Back from holiday to find one Fender Sonoran acoustic guitar waiting for me.  Great guitar – very happy with it, which goes some way to helping me feel better after my rock’n’roll excesses of the last week …

I couldn’t quite stretch to a Rolls Royce so when the time came for my big rock’n’roll statement on Thursday, I had to settle for walking into a swimming pool with my iPhone.  Said mobile device is now none-too-happy and I am attempting to dry it out to see if it can be salvaged.  This, of course, prevents me from listening to the excellent MP3’s of the recent rehearsal on my way to work next week which is a great shame as the few I’ve listened to on my laptop so far sound great.  It also means ‘on the go’ updates to the blog are out for the time being.  Oh well, appointment with Apple Store ‘Genius’ for Sunday … fingers crossed eh?

Now for the TV out of the bedroom window … 🙂

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